The Great Food Conspiracy

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Recommendations for consuming fruits, fiber, vegetables and lean meats have been unknowingly creating a health problem that is reaching epidemic proportions in America.  The number of men, women, both young and old, who are suffering from debilitating diseases that are most assuredly caused by following the dietary recommendations made by the government, the food industry, the medical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry is appalling.

I believe the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and the American Dietary Association promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats have also contributed to our current epidemic, along with recommendations about exercise.

All fruit, fiber and vegetables are sugar, which leads to hyperglycemia causing all of the inflammatory conditions including diabetes, hypertension. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many other still to be named.  This simply leads patients to the doctor with further recommendations to consume the same, which leads to recommendations for a myriad of drugs, costing the American people an exorbitant portion of their hard-earned incomes, and most assuredly leading to a host of debilitating diseases in their middle to late ages.

It’s time we recognize that carbohydrates are the cause of our diseases. Three to five meals a day and excessive water intake may also be contributing to this disease process.  It is time that the government, healthcare industry, the food industry, and all who are concerned for the health and wellness of themselves, their families, loved ones and colleagues recognize this.  It may be less obvious than you think, but in fact these foods all become simple carbohydrates converted to fat in the liver, which burns out your liver, your pancreas, your gallbladder, your thyroid and many other organs.  Plus, the lack of fat stimulates further inflammation in our bodies, leading to neurologic disorders and chronic conditions.  Excessive exercise leads to injury, friction and our bodies wearing out faster and much younger than expected. With the recommendations of excessive food that is all sugar, obesity is on the rise and it becomes epidemic to the proportion that we now recommend a surgical procedure which has its own downsides.

Let us all take a moment to realize the body makes fat from sugar.  The body wants fat because that’s the stored energy it needs.  It doesn’t need excess sugar, but it will take it, because it doesn’t know that the supermarket, Quickstop and fast food will be open tomorrow.  We are an amazing machine.  We’re meant for longevity and to function on very little.

Less is best.  That’s the recommendation. Your body requires you to eat fat and protein in small amounts with a little bit of water. That is it.  It is time to share the new story.  Less is best.  Intermittent fasting.  One meal a day at night before you go to bed and you rest and digest.  You’re in ketosis.  Your glucose to ketone levels are less than one. Your glucose is less than your ketones. That is the sweet spot of your life.  The GKI less than one. It’s a simple idea.  Let us share it.

We talk about the ketogenic diet, the Paleolithic diet, this diet, that diet. But let’s live it and change the plan.  Realize it’s not intentional because we all believed there must be some mysterious cause of our diseases and it simply must be we aren’t working hard enough. That doesn’t make one bit of sense.

It’s time the leading institutions stop feeding patients and all of us fruit, fibers, vegetables, cakes, milk, yogurt, and grains. Let’s learn how to really teach people the truth about food and obesity.  Being obese is not the disease.  It’s the consumption of carbs and excessive exercise and alcohol.

This is another health report by Dr. Rob Kiltz.  Don’t believe me. Do something.  Listen to something you don’t believe in.  Have a great day.

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