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Good morning, good morning, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It is another awesome and amazing day, and I have some more information for your health and wellness. But it’s not through a drug or special exercise. It’s not through a fancy diet – 30 day this, 30 day that. It’s simply that you already have that which you desire. Health and wellness now is within you. This is how you must start the day, every day: I have it. I’m there. I’m grateful.

Remember, the hard part to understand is how the body functions. It is really smart. The body will not let you get away without eating food and drinking something. What we’ve been led to believe by the health and wellness industry, the food industry and our government may be wrong. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is simply we have an idea what’s good for us and we share it with the world without really knowing the true physiology of the human body.

It is simple. The human body wants to be fat. It wants to do everything it can to gain fat because being thin and lean is not easy as a human animal. We are desperately addicted to carbohydrates, sugars (sweet or not), fancy colors, and lots of variety, but in fact, those are the things that are killing us. Getting on a treadmill is not good for the joints and muscles. Burning more energy and heating the body up is not the way to go. In fact, go slow. Enjoy the breath. That’s it. A breath and smile each and every day. Visualize the arrow that’s narrow and hitting the bull’s eye of your life. You are the arrow and the bow. You direct exactly where you’re guiding your arrow and how you want to guide it today.

You unconsciously get up and walk down to the kitchen and open the refrigerator and grab whatever is there and begin to munch. Those healthy snacks of yogurt or granola, or that smoothie and protein bar or that banana or apple—those are those things your body wants you to eat because they’re sweet and they get you fat. What most of us don’t understand is that the gastrointestinal tract of the human body is amazing, sensitive, strong, and resilient. It takes what you put in it and processes it. What I’ve learned is that what we’re putting in it is mostly poison, very difficult to digest, and food and fuel for the bacteria and yeast that are abnormal there. My bet is that they are all abnormal there, but they do live there and we’ve lived with them for thousands and thousands, if not millions, of years. Because, in general, the food we consume is highly contaminated, but it’s meant to be. It’s the gut microbiota. But that botanical forest—that septic tank that we just add more and more to—really it just needs less and less.

A gut that is resting is “besting”. A little bit of water, a little bit of protein and much more fat is all it really needs. A little bit of carbohydrates and mostly simples is what I recommend. Because when the sugar gets through the stomach and into the intestines, it doesn’t matter if it’s a complex carb, a slow carb, a fast carb, or a simple carb. We are just throwing out complex ideas. You know that.

The gastrointestinal vascular system is delivered with a tremendous amount of glucose, fructose, galactose and a myriad of other carbohydrate products in just the right size to get through the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier. But it’s not really a barrier. It’s a sieve. In general, it either allows things in or the things in the gut are damaging the gut mucosa. This is the leaky gut we’ve all hear about. Sugar goes right into the blood stream and right into the liver. The liver only wants to do one thing with sugar. As a goose is fed grain, that grain goes right to the liver and it becomes the best fatty liver that we have found so useful in consuming. The liver is a processing plant mostly for liver and protein. That liver and protein, in general, is often converted to fat. We spend so much time on this idea of glycogen storage, but it really has to do with fat storage. That’s all our body wants: fat storage. Remember, fat storage is fuel for the future. Our body is really smart. It thinks about the future all day long. It doesn’t realize that your refrigerator and cupboards are packed and the supermarket that supersizes all of us is right there in plain sight.

This is all a crazy idea that I never ever understood as a physician because we are trained by dieticians who are trained by the food industry, who wants to make sure that every food group and every color is prominently placed on your plate. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are the multitude of snacks plus all of the grazing and the jug of something to drink. This is good for the companies selling them, but it’s not good for your body. You must begin to think differently about the foods you consume, but the first thing to do is understand is that a high protein anything is as bad as a high sugar anything. The more you consume, the more your body says, “Yes, let’s store it away!”

The idea that it’s good to fill up your Ferrari five times a day and race around the track thinking it’s going to work better and last longer is the worst idea you’ve ever heard. I’m going to turn it upside down. You’re going to take the single arrow into the bow and you’re going to let it fly and it’s going to soar and hit the bull’s eye of your life because you now understand it’s sugar. Remember, yes, we know pasta, bread, fruit, but did you know yogurt and milk, or kale and Brussel’s sprouts and broccoli and potatoes and rice and all of these things. The things you thought “no way”. Yes, kale is sugar! That’s right. And all sugar absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract is taken to the liver and processed into only one thing: FAT. When the fatty liver fills up, and it wants to be fat very badly, it goes right to the rest of periphery and it’s stored for our future because our body knows one thing. The future is coming and it wants you to be ready to move, to run to or from, to seek and find more of what you consume.

Today, you can start this. Simple and easy. Remember, we are all selling something. But the idea that you need plenty of fiber, fruits and vegetable and lots of milk or a protein smoothie is NOT science! It’s selling. It’s not a conspiracy. We’re all selling something. But we are selling an idea today that your health and wellness is built in LESS IS MORE. Your body wants fat. When you consume fat, you’re consuming animal fat. Beautiful eggs, cream, bacon, butter, fatty fish. They contain all of the minerals and vitamins and health and wellness you need. Plus a little bit of water or coffee and tea, but remember adding any alcohol is not good for your health. Yes, we like variety and the spice of life and partying it up, but your cells want to be healthy and well. The cause of our cancers, diabetes, autoimmune diseases—all of the autoimmune diseases are actually not “auto” immune, but rather our bodies reacting to all of the expansive plant antigens and phytochemicals that we place into our body thinking they are just going to processed into clean, healthy energy, but they are dustified and then they are plasterized in every single cell of our body. Our body is filled with all of this foreign material and our immune system goes wild! It might get your thyroid, your pancreas, your knees, your skin, your hair, your eyes, your heart, your vessels and eventually it’s going to cause something that you weren’t thinking of—cancer.

Yes, cancer is caused by carbohydrates. It is the simplest story in the universe. Your body wants your glucose to be 60, but it does want you to consume sugar all day long because it wants you to be fat. Fat for the future. But fit isn’t burning the energy. This idea that we’re a simple formula is not so true. Your cells, your genes, your DNA are as smart as can be. Your senses are always looking out there for the thing to make you fit and fat. And you know the F-word too. It wants to get somewhere you didn’t even realize.

Dave Osprey’s Bullet proof coffee it’s simple. But I ran into a gal down in Washington D.C. a couple weeks ago when I was visiting John Katko and talking about health and wellness with his team who are very interested in helping us all with health and wellness. One of the gals at Starbuck’s says, “At my home in Africa, my people have been using butter in coffee for years. Butter is the premium fuel for your body.”

That’s the amazing part to this. Yes, we are looking to fill the tank, but the mind knows the truth. YOU ARE HEALTHY NOW! Even if you’re on a special diet – Keto, paleo, SAD, 123, ABC, 21 or 30 days, it’s really very simple. LESS IS MORE. I call it the Lion and Tiger Diet. Lions and tigers are lean and strong and they don’t exercise. Pigs, cows and lambs are eaten by lions and tigers. If you do choose to be a vegan or vegetarian, the key is to eat less–both amounts and timing. Make it one meal a day and make it at night or just before you go to bed because that’s when the body begins to digest and the blood flow is perfect to the GI tract.

Remember, you have the choice of what you think about this day and every day. It is a beautiful and awesome and amazing day. God has created joy, love, happiness, and goodness for you today. But there’s not joy, happiness and goodness in a thing or a way, just choose that to be this day. Choose that to be this day.

Now remember, we’re really meant to consume a tremendous amount of fat. Okay, not true. We’re meant to eat anything. We’re meant to scavenge and find. But if you look around and want to see what health and wellness is, take a moment to realize that breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day and snacking all day long is not. Diabetics are being fed diabetes. We’re all being fed pre-diabetes or pre-pre diabetes because we’ve been given the direction by our healthcare industry to be healthy by eating yogurt, granola, fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and eating 5-6 times per day.

If you want to not have that hip or knee replacement or need that injection here or there, get off the treadmill! Speeding up your car does not make it work better or go longer. The marathon. Remember, the original marathoner dropped dead. I’ve had many a friend and seen it out there that exercise causes inflammation to every cell of your body. You think it’s just in your knee, but the inflammation gets there because it’s coming from everywhere, just like that bee sting.

Remember natural sugar is what your body wants because it gets you fat and the liver gets everything. It does not make a bunch of glycogen to store and use as energy. We do not use glycogen for energy in amounts that matter. What you use is simple FAT. This is why you get fat. If you eat fat, your appetite and inflammation is suppressed. Your health and wellness is improved. It happens to be the opposite of what many of us have been taught.

The gastrointestinal tract does not want to be shoved with food all day and night. It doesn’t need the easy smoothies or power bars/power drinks that come in a jar, packet or container with a label that tells you what it has in it is not what you want to be eating. You know that an egg is the healthiest. thing you can eat. Believe it! Bacon, eggs, sausage, but make them fresh and get them organic. Grass-fed animals are the best because that’s what they are naturally meant to eat, not a ton of grain or corn. Buy local, and eat a little bit of green vegetables, a little bit of white vegetables, but a lot of color is a lot of phytochemicals and it makes your body nuts, but it wants them because all it cares about is getting calories.

I hope this has helped you understand your health and wellness. It is crazy that I did not know that our bodies do not require glucose to be consumed at all. We make glucose just like we make red blood cells. That’s it.

This is Dr. Rob Kiltz just sharing some ideas. Check out Mind Body Smile. Share your thoughts and ideas each and every day. Remember to read. Don’t believe me. Do something that you don’t believe it. Read something you don’t believe in. Do or do not, there is no try. Life is through participating. God bless to all.