Introducing Health & Wellness Radio

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Hello and welcome to Dr. Rob Kiltz’s Health and Wellness Radio.  We are here to bring you the latest and greatest in what’s new to help you in creating your most vibrant life.  Health and wellness is within you.  You control it. Not the healthcare industry, not the food industry, but YOU.  You have the ability to learn and read and challenge yourself to change, for it’s only via change that you will boost yourself to the level you desire.

We’ve been studying methods globally to understand how food, stress, the environment and the day-to-day flowing of the human body affects our health and wellness.  I see a change coming upon all of us with the high incidence of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and obesity.  The simple answer has always been:  eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats (if at all), exercise, and exercise your willpower.  But I can tell you that willpower is not working.

We want to help you find that which you desire today, utilizing the daily practice of faith and persistence and eating fatty, fertile foods. This is the way. Slow it down – yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage.  Listen to or read a great book each and every day.  Listen to what’s vibrating within you in your life.  All things are possible because you give them a chance. Go to your cupboards and your refrigerator and throw out ALL of the food.  Throw it ALL out!  It doesn’t make any sense, but I’m going to make some sense out of it for you.

After reading and reading and not believing, not believing, not believing and running, running, running and doing the grains and greens diet, I finally found the shift and the understanding that lions and tigers are lean and strong.  They eat vegetarians (cows, cattle and fatty meats) and they don’t eat grass and grains. This is a huge turnaround!  By consuming high levels of fat, we can turn our systems around.  By slowing it down with walking, smelling the roses, enjoying the day, and eliminating alcohol, health and wellness will come our way.

Read and connect positively every single day.  You can be the difference in your life when you begin to turn it around and do the opposite (yes, the opposite!) of what you’ve been doing in order to get that which you desire.

We’re working on a weekly radio talk show: Health & Wellness Radio with Dr. Rob Kiltz.  We’ll be sharing the energy of healers–holistic and integrative.