Life is Love Unfolding

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Our Inner Guide - Dr. Rob Kiltz

Good Morning, Good Morning, it’s Dr. Rob.  How are you doing? It’s another awesome and amazing day. This is how we start the day.  A breath and smile.  No matter what you are stepping into this day, imagine it’s all God’s perfection.  Every day.  As we adventure in the universe, God gifts all of us an amazing life.

You and I, in this day, are co-creators. Let us imagine the creation of beauty, amazing, perfect, wonderful, love, joy, harmony, happiness, patience, and wonder.   This and every day are perfect.  Slow and easy, and move with joy.  Slow and easy, and move with happiness. Slow and easy.  Move!  And if it’s simply in the dreams of your life, dream as the creator.  Live life as the creator.  And love as the creator. God’s love is upon all of us.  He always knows what He is doing.  Always.  And with love, life unfolds in amazing ways.

You have challenges.  You do.  I do. We do.  Life is the challenge.  That is the gift.  Imagine its perfection every day and all the day.  Every day, all the day, in all the way, life is love unfolding.

I know you’re reading something really uplifting and positive this day.  And you are thinking something uplifting and positive this day. And you are writing something uplifting and positive this day. And you are sharing with love and positivity, graciousness and good this and every day.  Yes! In the breath and smile of life is God’s love.  In the breath and smile of life is God’s love.

Feel God’s love this day. Think God’s love this day, and experience God’s love this day.  Wow!  How perfect is that?  Life is a joyous unfolding of love, harmony, happiness, faith and patience.  What a blessing!

The blessing and the gift is that you and I were born.  How simple is that?

Enjoy the day. This is Dr. Rob just sharing some morning thoughts. God Bless to you!