Go Zero, Go Healthy

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purpleGood Morning, Good Morning, it’s Dr. Rob.  How are you doing? It’s another awesome and amazing day in the universe. We start the day with those words.  Up early every day with passion and joy in the mind, and gratitude.  Simple and easy.

Go zero this day. Go zero, go healthy and go fit by going zero carbohydrates.  That’s right.  No carbs. No fruits, fiber, vegetables, no grains, no cereals, no rice, no pasta, no bread. NONE.  Zero. Go bacon, eggs, butter, and beef.  And yes, fatty cheese, salami, and fatty cream—all good.

You might say it sounds boring, but to be in your best health, could it be possible by going zero carbs you will actually provide the healthiest form of energy for every cell of your body?  The mitochondria want the fat.  We get fat from carbs because we are storing fat for energy for when there is a lack of food.  Because we are meant to eat, store the fat, and go for days and days without food.

You’ve got air in abundance and water is always there if you do the work. Today we are lucky that we have fresh clean water in most places in this world.  By going zero carbs and getting rid of the fruits, fibers and vegetables and going to the fatty meat, butter, eggs (all of the egg), you will find the fittest body you can imagine.  Ketogenesis is the key, and one meal a day is best.  You can have all of those carbs if you like, thinking that you are getting all of the minerals and vitamins, but in fact, they are all within the meat.  All things that grow are carbs.  Carbs are sugar. Sugar causes inflammation.  Inflammation causes cancer and all sorts of autoimmune diseases.

It’s a crazy concept, but I’m throwing it out there.  From time to time enjoy those other things.  Actually, if you have some carbs and you only eat one meal a day (every 24), you will store the fat and have the energy, the fuel will be stored in the place you need it most—in the fat cells—so your body can utilize the energy in the fittest way.  Change the oil and the fuel to 80% fat / 20% protein as your calories in the day and get rid of the carbs.  Go zero!  Go healthy, go fit, go happy!

Your body craves the carbs because we’ve become addicted to them. Our brain knows how to get the thing that gets us fat. We’re not meant to live a long time.  This is new and different.

Paleo is a possibility, which is above-ground carbs, but you have to have a high fat diet.  If you have a problem – joint aches, headaches, stomach aches—that’s when you go zero and provide the body with the healthy energy it needs.  That’s right.  FERTILE FATTY FOODS FIRST.

As a fertility practitioner, sharing the ideas of ketogenesis has been a complete turnaround for me.  You should read Richard Feinman’s book The World Turned Upside Down.  You will learn much about what we think we know and it turns out what we don’t know. Cholesterol is the best molecule for the body. Cholesterol is actually a precursor to many of our hormones. High cholesterol that is bad for us is due to a high carbohydrate diet.  All sugar (all cellulose – fruit, fiber, grains, vegetables) are converted to sugar or all poorly broken down and remain in the gut becoming the fuel and fire for inflammation which causes irritable bowel, gastritis, colitis, endometriosis, cancer, arthritis, you name it, it’s there. Carbs are killing us.

Don’t believe me. Begin to change and check it out for yourself. Do it!  It’s in the doing that things happen that are more amazing.  Be the do-er.  In the doing, the unfolding happens. GO ZERO!  Get the fat.  Eat the fat. The fat is what makes you fit.

Check out Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, and enjoy this awesome and amazing day as you do different than you’ve been doing to unfold the different and the amazing in your life.

This is Dr. Rob.  Mind Body Smile.  Remember, it’s your mind and body.   Do something you don’t believe in. Read something you don’t believe in.  Unfold and open to something you don’t believe in and you may find something more amazing, this and every day.  God Bless.  Another awesome and amazing day in the universe.