See Problems and Challenges as Creative Moments

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sunset over water

Creative Day

Hello and Good Morning, it’s Dr. Rob on another awesome and amazing day.  I’m here on Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.  I’m here at Fitger’s Inn, an old beer distillery and a great symbol of ingenuity, creativity, investment, hard work and change from what was once a beer factory to a great lodging establishment, but it has more restaurants and shops and a is a place for people to connect here in Duluth, MN.  I’ve come here to pick up my new Cirrus SR22 Turbo—an instrument of travel to connect with people.  First we walked, then we rode on the back of an animal, then the bicycle was next, then the car and the airplane—a supersonic life, the ability to travel.

Cirrus Aircraft is an amazing, creative place also. From a garage, two brothers began to build a dream—a dream that is an amazing opportunity to help us to connect globally, enjoying relationships with others and connecting positively with all.  Today I stand on the shores of Lake Superior in a breath and smile and feeling the beautiful, perfect temperature wind, there’s maybe a two-thirds moon, and I can see the sunlight coming upon the day to share the light of life in a positive, loving way every day.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, do it with love and positive intentions, always.  And know that the Good Master is always at work in your favor because the outside is created on the inside, every day.  You will have problems, challenges and changes.  This is the nature of life. See them as creative moments for you to use as the bits and pieces, the material, of growing, loving and learning every day. Step up into your day with love, faith, patience, creativity, and always with God’s love.

I’m flying home today, back to upstate New York—a great place, by the way.  LOVE upstate New York.  Although I was born and raised in the beautiful southern California town of Los Angeles, I’ve been in upstate New York for over twenty years.  It’s a great place for all to travel to, to live, to share, and to enjoy life.  Wherever you live in this world, it doesn’t matter.  See the possibilities of travel whether you’re walking to your neighbor’s home, or you’re simply in your automobile or on your bike or cycle or whatever it is, or in an airplane.

And let’s not forget the boat—another ingenious creation of the gods.  We are all of the gods. All human beings are but of the gods. We are all that.  All working together, but there will be battles of creativity and of change.  Not of destruction, but of change.  All change is good.

Take a breath and smile this day. Enjoy the day!  This is Dr. Rob.  Mind Body Smile.  Remember, 1-2 meals a day.  Make it mostly fat, a little bit of protein and limit the carbs.  Also eliminate as much alcohol as you can.  It is a poison. But take the breath and smile in every day.  Share love.  Read something positive.  Speak the words of positive intentions every day.

This is Dr. Rob.  Mind Body Smile.  God Bless to you.