What Makes CNY Fertility Different

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CNY Fertility.  We are a fertility center and there is a reason why we are not called “CNY IVF”.  IVF is simply a treatment modality that we offer; it is not the only thing we do.  It is clear, based on the SART/CDC numbers, that CNY Fertility is a leader in IVF and advanced assisted reproductive technology, but the reason we are CNY Fertility is because we offer integrative eastern and western treatment methods.  These include natural methods where we focus on fertile foods, fertile thinking, fertile activities and a fertility evaluation that encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of both the female and the male, where we look at potential causes and a comprehensive integration of treatment modalities, incorporating eastern, ancient techniques along with modern, western advanced technologies.

CNY Fertility – integrative, comprehensive, and holistic.  Where we make priceless affordable and miracles happen every day.