You Are the Creator of Each and Every Day

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Your Vital Life Workshop with Dr. Rob Kiltz and Dr. Steve Wechsler at CNY Healing Arts

Hello and Good Morning.  It’s Dr. Rob on another awesome and amazing day that God has gifted you and me today, right now.  Smell the roses and the pristine beauty of life.  No matter what your challenges are this day, at this moment, they are the gift of the gods.

Like Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates, and James Allen in As a Man Thinketh (“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains”) all espoused — that which you think about unfolds. It comes to you always in the perfect way. God is the knowing creator of life. Today is the day for you to create most awesome and amazing and take it to the next level today.

You are reading something positive and uplifting today and every day.  You are only consuming that which is good for your body and what your body needs, which is to breathe the fresh air of life! Drink the abundant clear, clean water.  Fat is the fuel of the cell. Eat fat – yes, beef fat, pork fat, eggs, bacon, butter, and beef. It’s simple and easy. And there’s protein within that. Your body requires ZERO carbohydrates to be consumed. Fruits and fiber are the fire and fermentation of the gut.  They cause the stink and muck, colitis, colon cancer and inflammation in every part of your body.  Believe it!

Listen to the birds this day. Listen, read, write, share, and create.  You are the creator each and every day.  There is something to get up and out and go, enjoy, share and create about this day.  Pick up James Allen – an amazing writer. Have faith and belief in the good Lord—the creator of all things. Stand tall in the challenges of your life.

This is Dr. Rob on another awesome and amazing day in the universe. Check out Mind Body Smile. Share your thoughts and ideas.  Be creative this day and every day.  God Bless to you.