Paleo Recipe: Breakfast, A Morning Delight – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Paleo Recipe Breakfast from Dr. Rob Kiltz at mindbodysmile

I wanted to share another fresh, great Paleo breakfast meal. This is so good and you can have this for lunch or dinner too. This recipe starts with some really great farm fresh Organic eggs. I use three eggs and about a quarter cup of whipping cream, also Organic of course.

I began by cooking up the uncured organic bacon, I added  just a dab of Kerrygold herb and garlic butter while cooking it. After sautéing the bacon I  tossed in the kale and a little more butter, then sautéed that a bit.

Then Iwhipped up the eggs with a little bit of the whipping cream, added a dash of red pepper flakes, black pepper and salt. Mixed it up and cooked it all gently in the pan. Then I flipped it over nicely once the eggs were firm. Completed browned the meal slightly on each side.

On the side I added some crushed avocado with a touch of extra-virgin olive oil red pepper  flakes and a dash of salt.

I enjoyed this morning delight breakfast with a side of black espresso coffee. This is a great beginning to any day and it will carry me through much of the day.

Enjoy this great protein and low-carb meal, includes green vegetable and some savory fats.

Be well and always with love,

Dr. Rob