Paleo Recipe: Beef Burger – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Paleo Recipe: Beef Burger by Dr. Rob Kiltz

Recently Teah made this great, great Paleo meal. We are on the Paleo Path. Not sure what they call it but it was an Angus beef, grass fed burgers with a great salt/pepper mix.

Paleo Recipe: Beef Burger by Dr. Rob Kiltz

The burgers were thick and sauteed nicely with bacon, mushrooms and a great Kerry Gold cheddar cheese on top. That was set on a bed of butter lettuce with a cherry tomato and sweet onion salad with avocado, sprinkle of salt, pepper and olive oil. Then she added a little bit of Indian spicy ketchup. All organic and low sugar. I occasionally add a little bit of sugar. It was brown, natural sugar as they call it.

Paleo Recipe: Beef Burger by Dr. Rob Kiltz

I’m finding that in this new Live It plan, how beautifully we can find a new way of eating and getting rid of all the carbohydrates. It actually makes us healthier and the wealth of life is found in your health. Remember, it’s not knock on wood, at least I’m healthy. I always say, I’m alive, that’s all that matters today. To let go and not be afraid of the dying part. We’re dying because we’re eating the shit and the shit is quite commonly the french fries, the pasta, the cereals, the grains, the yogurts, the chips and dips, the pizzas. It makes us crazy. Lately I’ve been eating that saturated diet with fats that is 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% good carbs. Green carbs mostly — Kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus and lots of avocado.

I started on this journey when I watched the movie Fed Up. Then, from there, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead opened my eyes. I also found Andreas Eenfeldt on and watched one of the beginner videos. Fifty-five minutes, great, great, great information. I Highly recommend looking at these resources because I was blown away and realized I’d been sharing the wrong information for a long time. We’re all fighting to be healthy, to lose weight, and yet the overweight epidemic has exploded. Now it seems like the only way to fix it is to get a surgical intervention to shrink the stomach, which has it’s own significant risks and side effects. Everyone’s getting thrown Statins at them for their cholesterol because it’s bad. In fact, Ancel Keys’ data and scientific information was likely all wrong. Wow, all wrong.

Let’s change it up. Thirty days on the Paleo Plan, the Live It Plan, you’d be amazed. The fat will melt away. The energy will explode. Your stomach aches, headaches, backaches, your brain fog will clear. There’s significant evidence as put forth in both Wheat Belly and Grain Brain… many others before and after are sharing this truth. I call it carbo-caine. It’s kind of like you’re eating all this healthy food and then you add a little bit of cocaine to your day. How’s that going to make you thrive? It’s not. There’s significant evidence that elite athletes are now going to a high fat/low carb way of eating. It’s counter to everything your brain thinks and knows because we’ve been taught the ills of fats and in fact, it’s the carbohydrates, and the grains and the sugars and the milks and the yogurts and the pastas and the breads that are leading to the explosion of all the glycolic oxidative stressors in our lives. They are causing irritable bowel, dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, neuromuscular disorders, cardiovascular complications.

Yes, we’re all going to die. Something’s going to happen in order for it to happen, but the interesting part is that we all pretty much have the same genetics. Not much difference. I’d say that our western diets are killing us and if you go back to our ancestors and look at what they ate, it was much different than the processed foods we see today. If it’s in a box, in a can, it’s probably not the very best for you. Fresh meats, butter, green vegetables, and yes, bacon and beef and pork and lamb and fish are good for you. Check out some of the resources I mentioned here today and there are many others. I loved Abel James and Fat Burning Man. Share your thoughts and ideas.

This is Dr. Rob, it’s another awesome and amazing day. God bless.


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