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Hello, hello, hello, hello, oh Lord, what a beautiful day.  Ahh, yes, it is a beautiful day!

Challenges in every single day
In every single way
This is life…

God has gifted us the beauty, the might.
Breath and smile, every day… not to fight

We must not focus on what’s wrong in life
But simply say, thank you, God for this beautiful life

Each and every day, we create more amazing in this life.
Give thanks for God’s gift: this beautiful, awesome life.

For you, I know, you fear and worry of the show
But the gift is to go, that’s where you and I will grow.
For life is but a great, great flow.

I love you, God. I say, thank you, God, for this day. I am grateful to be able to see this amazing, amazing life as it be.

Blessings to all on this awesome and amazing day in the universe!

Dr. Rob



Dr. Rob Kiltz
Owner of CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Centers in NY
Dr. Rob writes Weekly Tips on Living Your Best Life which contains an inspiring message, tips, articles, suggested book reading, etc. (sign up here to receive weekly mailing).

In Dr. Rob’s recent book, The Art of Living With Intent: 60 Days of Intentions and Inspirations to Transform Your Life, he explains that everything that happens at every moment of the day is an opportunity for us to learn and grow.Available here.

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