It’s All Personal: God’s Perfection and Your Creation – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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late fall

Hello and good morning, God, a beautiful day and a personal note of love to you. This day as ever day, to know that you’re journey, my journey, our journey, God’s journey is all one. To see and bring love to all of it. A breath and smile in the moment of the day. The sparkles of the stars within all of us. It is the challenge each day to simply sit sill with love of all. Be kind and generous, no matter what. Don’t take it personally, although remember it’s all personal because you create it on your personal level. And for us to simply sit still and imagine the creation of the universe as it unfolds in all of it. All of it is perfection and beauty this day.

The ups and downs, the twists and turns. From the granite peak to the sandy bottom of the deepest sea, it’s the same – rock. It’s the same energy that flows through all of us:  the stars in the heavens and life in the mind. Stand still and you will find God’s love. Wherever you’re at and whatever’s happening in your life, on a personal note, imagine God’s love in all of it. Send love to all that’s out there and share God’s beauty and perfection in the day. Love, patience, stillness, silence. Focus and imagine God’s love in all of it. The darkest dark is filled with the brightest life, its the energy of God that’s within you. Take the moment. Imagine: The wind and the rain and the motion of the universe are but the life you create through your mind – through God’s view of heaven and the universe in all of us. Yes, share your words, your thoughts and your feelings but remember it’s all your creation. It is all your creation this day as every day so be love, give love, stand still in love. Yes, do your best each day to be impeccable with you’re words. I say, Assume it all good, beautiful, and amazing each day.

Personal, it is all personal. See it as your creation. Take responsibility for 100% of all of it. No one says or does anything to you, for you create that which it is. See love and give love in every moment and motion of life. In God’s perfection, this day and every day. Remember you are the creator of everything. You are the spirit, the energy of love. How do you choose to send forth your energy this day? With love every day. I say, Thank you God for the day. For the day is only right now in this moment, the gift, the stars, the clouds, the wind, the storms, the stillness is within you, perfect and beautiful. Imagine what it is, is perfect – It will unfold in that way this day. Yes, a breath and smile. On a personal note, you are God. You are the joy of the heavens and I am blessed to know thee. Yes, but a story, but a wonderful amazing story of God’s creation and love.

My blessings this day as every day. Enjoy the day, enjoy the moment, enjoy the journey.

Dr. Rob



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