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From The Yoke and the Burden Through the Gate of Good – James Allen:

“Man has within him the divine power by which he can rise to the highest heights of spiritual achievement. By which he can shake off sin and shame and sorrow and do the will of the father. The Supreme Good by which he can conquer all the powers of darkness within and stand radiant and free, by which he can subdue the world and scale the wall to pinnacles of truth. This, can man, by choice, by resolve and by his divine strength accomplish but he can accomplish it only in and by obedience. He must choose meekness, lowliness of heart, he must abandon strife for peace, for passion, for purity, hatred for love, self-seeking for self-sacrifice, and must overcome evil with good. For this is the wholly way of truth. This is the safe and abiding way of salvation. This is the yoke and burden of the Christ.” 

Now live it this day with love and faith and ease of heart. We are living in ease of heart each day. Be in the least action and effortless way of life, the path of light. And you are the path of light with love. How do we live each day with the least amount of effort? That is our challenge and mission each day. To live with meekness, with patience, faith and love. Yes, whatever I did, what can I do better and please forgive me for my past actions. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. For love is the effort of life. Love is the effort of life and I love you. And thank you for this day, for this life, for this moment for God’s way of love.

Thank you,

Dr. Rob

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