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Good morning, how are you doing today? Dr. Rob here, another awesome and amazing day. A little bit from James Allen, I highly recommend the book the Mind is the Master and the complete James Allen treasury is a great, great, great compilation of all of his thoughts.. plus, I’m sure.

“As pain and bliss inevitably follow on wrong and right beginnings, so unhappiness and blessedness are inseparably bound up with small tasks and duties. Not that a duty has any power of itself to bestow happiness or the reverse – this is contained in the attitude of the mind which is assumed towards the duty – and everything depends upon the way in which it is approached and done.

Not only great happiness but great power arises from doing little things unselfishly, wisely, and perfectly, for life in its totality is made up of little things. Wisdom inheres in the common details of everyday existence, and when the parts are made perfect the Whole will be without blemish.” 

Yes, everything is made up of so many tiny, tiny parts and the perfection of the whole part is based upon all of those little teeny, tiny parts. Your thoughts are the teeniest of those parts for you to focus on this day.

Now go enjoy the day. Blessings to you,

Dr. Rob

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