In Every Problem There is a Gift – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Hello and good morning, it’s another awesome and amazing day in the universe. Start the day with that thought, those words, every day.

In every problem there is a gift: 
If you can look at every problem as a gift for us to grow and learn and do better, then amazing things will unfold each day. This is possible with God’s grace, gratitude, patience, joy and love. Remember change is the nature of all things. It’s all good.

Is there a God? There is a God if you believe that there is. If you understand that there is nothing outside of you but what you think about it, then your thoughts are God. God is neither good nor bad, right or wrong, the devil or the angel. Life is the gift, each and every moment. Put a smile on your face each day and say, “Thank you God for this day. It’s another awesome and amazing day God has given us”. Live that mantra with patience, a smile, and the daily practice – just like that daily physical work out, or the daily food you put into your body. Most of us are not adding to the hard drive (our brains) with the most positive uplifting software. Make sure you are reading positive and uplifting books. It really does make a difference.

God does not lie in church once a week, God lies in you 24/7, 365, always and forever. Be patient with your life. Be loving of your life and be loving of your day in every way. It’s as simple as that. As you begin to shift your thoughts and attitude, you’ll be able to notice the gifts that your meant to see in every problem you encounter. Remember: Nothing personal, always do your best, and make no assumptions. Don Miguel shares this in The Four Agreements and I say, “Assume it all good and judge with love every day”.

It is another beautiful day in the universe and you and I are God’s joy and happiness. Now enjoy this day with a deep breath in, a smile out, and love and forgiveness all around. Create your daily practice by starting the day with the most important food source – loving, positive, gracious God thinking. Whatever you do t0day, do it with patience and joy.


Dr. Rob

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” – Anthony Robbins



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