The Daily Practice of Sharing Pure Love – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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love - mindbodysmile by Dr. Rob Kiltz

Hello and good morning. It is a beautiful, awesome, and amazing day. We’re all here in this world to help one another. To help each and every one of us grow and to do better, to love, to forgive,  and to move forward together in awesome and amazing ways. What’s in it for me? Simply the joy of helping, the joy of giving, the joy of creating, and the joy of loving.

When we can see that which we desire in front of us, it will be that. We have an awesome and amazing life, an awesome and amazing capability, and every day is set in front of us to discover this. We need to learn to share the creative nature of growth, of change, of acceptance and love. When we encounter challenges in life we push and shove, and life pushes and shoves right back at us. Instead of this approach, try reacting with love in every situation.

I sit in loneliness, I sit with all, and I sit in life and open my eyes to see the beauty in every single moment. We’re all one, in this moment right now, together and forever. All around us is the love and light of God, the love and light of generosity, and the love and light of kindness. This light is within each and every one of us. It’s a possibility just waiting to be discovered and shared. Open up and see that which you desire in the people around you. Shift your thoughts and it will shift your energy. If you fight, life fights back but if you begin to react with love you get love back.

It takes practice. In fact it’s a daily practice of sharing and reacting to all experiences with love, pure love.

Blessings, love, and kindness to you this day and every day.


Dr. Rob Kiltz
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