The Power of God-Thinking: An Intention of Pure Love – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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What are my fears and worries in life: Making a mistake? Looking bad? What other people think of me? What do I want to lose? All of the above… How do I escape this mode of thinking? By knowing that you are doing things with the pure intention of love, kindness, and generosity. Know that you can step back, look around, change everything, give it all away,  and yet still be whole in life.

Loneliness, is that what we fear? Hmm…we’re always alone and yet we’re never alone. We’re here in this life to learn to let go of fear. We’re here to have faith and enjoy life, to find God within each and every one of us. The power of God-thinking! It’s our thinking that creates the universe around us and this is all God. The power to build and create, and the power to break down and destroy; it’s within each of us. It’s not out there, it’s within.

You’ve heard of the power of positive thinking. Let’s consider  the power of God-thinking. How do you reach God? As you reach infinity by recognizing you are God. When you live godly with love and affection, the universe opens up and creates love all around you. Every day I say, “Thank you God for this life. Thank you for all the bumps and ripples. Thank you for all the problems.” I call them gifts because there really are no problems. There’s only love. There’s only creativity. There’s
only experiences that help us grow, share, learn, and create.

Think like God thinks every day because you and I are God. We are the creators and the destroyers. Recognize that God creates with only love and gives love to all things.

Blessings on your journey and love to you,
Dr. Rob


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