Faith in the Discomfort of the Universe – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Hello and good morning!

It’s a beautiful day as we move into the discomfort of the universe, our lives and experiences. The discomfort of the universe is the most amazing thing we experience every day, it helps us to learn, expand and evolve. Feel the amazing discomfort every day and receive it with love. Have faith in the direction of your life and know where you’re going. Have faith that it’s all moving in the right way and that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be. Have faith that every failure you’ve ever had, and will ever have, is part of God’s creativity of the universe. Have faith that every person that you’ve ever met, every experience you’ve ever had, has been a gift from the gods.

Faith and love, that’s all that matters. Blessings to you this day and every day, sharing my love of life.

Dr. Rob


Dr. Rob Kiltz
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