Goodness and Graciousness by Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Goodness and Graciousness - Dr. Rob Kiltz

Hello and good morning.  This is Dr. Rob.  It is another awesome and amazing day in the universe.  I’m here to share some thoughts, they’re only thoughts, either good, neutral, or bad thoughts.  The good thoughts are the joy and happiness of everything around you.  The good thoughts are knowing that everything around you is created by the thoughts within you.  The bad thoughts come from the same place within.  Pure love is the key and the way to be.  Somehow to see the good, the bad, and the neutral as all God’s way of creating life, of shifting, changing, and evolving.  The graciousness of every day is to love.  Yes, that old instinctual being of jealousy, regret, guilt, fear, and worry is that old instinctual button that you control within with the practice of joy and love.

When Jesus says, “Love thy enemy,” he knew what hating your enemy did to you.  He knew that loving your enemy would soothe every cell in your body and vibrate the joy and happiness within. God created all of this exactly as it is.

Things happen because they happen.  There’s no explanation but that it is all the way God created it.  It’s our challenge, because I too know that the emotion of fear, worry, regret, and judgment is pervasive.  The true practice is patience and love.  Let it all go.  It all flows in perfection to you with love.  Every day is full of experiences that convey God’s good way of love and perfection.  It’s as simple as that.  You and I are the centers and creators of the universe.  Judge with love, judge with joy, judge with happiness, and judge with goodness.  The old story holds on tight.  I know this – it holds on tight.  You must practice every day the goodness and graciousness of God’s love.  Through the emotions and the challenges, you’re pushed to do the work.  I call it pain pushes until the vision pulls.   Each day we are given opportunities to practice being loving and kind, giving and gracious.

Forgiveness is our true nature. This is our practice every day.  This is our meditation of graciousness.  It’s a practice of love, it’s a practice of joy, and it’s a practice of letting go.  Let go by letting the good thoughts flow, the gracious thoughts flow, the loving thoughts flow, the beautiful life flow.  Remember, God’s gift is your life, exactly as it is.  All the trials and tribulations are but the journey.  In God’s graciousness you live this day and every day.  Be loving, kind, and generous to all.

My love to you as you practice the daily meditation – twelve minutes.  Read something positive, uplifting every day.  Fill the hard drive with all things good and positive.  God Bless.

Dr. Rob


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