Dr. Rob’s Living Your Best Life, February 5th, 2013 – Slow Down

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Good morning to you! Another awesome and amazing day it is today. We’re all in such a hurry these days so this week I’d like to propose that we take a moment and just Slow Down as we continue the work of Living Our Best Lives.

Our lives are filled with chaos, and we never seem to have enough time to slow down and breathe. Part of the problem is that we are never living in the moment, and are instead focused on the things we have to do, places we must go, or tasks we must accomplish. Never allowing ourselves to live in the moment means that we will never appreciate the best that life has to offer. We must allow ourselves to slow down and enjoy life in the moment. For that is where the magic of life lives.

Technology, while invented to save us time, also prevents us from enjoying the moment and speeds up time. We are constantly being interrupted by emails, phone calls, instant messages and information overload, especially when we are wired around the clock. Choosing to slow down means that we must be conscious about the things in life that prevent us from experiencing the moment, and work to limit the amount of time we dedicate to these things.


Dr. Rob


Dr. Rob Kiltz
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Dr. Rob’s Weekly Exercise:

Make a conscious decision to disconnect for an hour per day. Turn off your ringer on your phone, shut down your computer, turn off your cell phone, and focus on doing something meaningful. You can spend the hour outside connecting with nature, connecting with your family face to face, or just reading a great book curled up on your couch. If other members of your household are participating, it can be a time for everyone to disconnect from technology for an hour and spend time with each other, connecting and engaging.

Human connection is important, and so is enjoying the moments in life that matter most. Slow down. We absolutely must.

Dr. Rob’s Reading Corner:

Reading is such an important part of feeding the mind. This week I’d like to share the book below that I’ve been reading lately. I highly recommend you check it out.
Happy reading!