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Hello and good morning, it’s a beautiful day.  Thank you God for this day!  It IS another awesome and amazing day in the universe. I say these words out loud as I begin each and everyday.

The Heartfelt Mind: a thought, an idea, an intention for this day.  When we think through the heart, we’re thinking through the mind with love.  Everything comes from the mind; there’s no heart outside of the mind.  When we speak of love through the heart, we’re speaking through the love portion of the mind.

This is a powerful concept of life, love, forgiveness, and gratitude to practice everyday.  Practice using words of love,  joy, and happiness. Creating heartfelt actions by using heartfelt words based in heartfelt intent all begins in the love portion of the mind.  That part of the mind will grow when you practice the thought or mantra, Thank you God for this day, I love you.  How may I do better?  Everyday my thoughts are focused on doing better through love and forgiveness.

This is an awesome and amazing world we live in.  Every bump and ripple is the creation of God, and you and I are part of that. Life unfolds in many different ways.  More awesome and amazing ways than we could ever imagine.  This day is a heartfelt day.  Through the heart, love evolves and grows.  Through faith, all fear is expelled.  All worry just falls away.  When we see beautiful moments, and beautiful things in our lives through love—that’s all that it takes.  You and I are the centers and creators of the universe.  You and I are here to love, and enjoy life.  Every day unfolds with the beauty and perfection of God’s energy and God’s work.

Smile, open your heart and your mind, and go enjoy the day!  Practice reading positive, uplifting thoughts and things every day to help you along the path in life.


Dr. Rob Kiltz
Owner of CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Centers in NY
Dr. Rob writes Weekly Tips on Living Your Best Life which contains an inspiring message, tips, articles, suggested book reading, etc. (sign up here to receive weekly mailing).

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