The Key to Successful New Year’s Resolutions and a Happy 2013!

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With each New Year there seems to be an opportunity for a new start. We set our intentions in our New Year’s resolutions. Often by February they have fallen to the wayside and we are in the same old patterns as the year before.

What can you do this year to make your intentions manifest in your life this year?

I believe there are three key elements to successful resolutions. Interestingly, Dr. Rob captures these elements in the title of this website: MIND, BODY, SMILE

MIND ~ In The Art of Living with Intent, Dr. Rob talks about the power of mind in creating our reality. Beginning your New Year’s Resolutions with Mindful intent is the first step. Take a moment to focus your attention on what you would really like to manifest in 2013. Is it Abundance, Love, Healthier Relationships, Joy, Physical Health, FamilyÉ? Do not just reiterate the same failed resolutions you make each year. Really stop the Think about what you want to create! Then write them down. The act of writing it down helps to seal in the Mind’s Intent.

SMILE ~ A smile is the reflection of an emotional reaction of Joy! Emotion is the next key element in manifesting your intentions. The power of your emotions is even greater than that of your mind. This is why sometimes no matter how much you focus your attention on creating a certain outcome the opposite sometimes happens. It is almost impossible to lie to your inner self. So if you insist with your mind that you believe something to be true but your emotional self is not feeling it, the mind sends out mixed messages and either creates an expression of these confused messages or says to the universe “I will just wait until we figure it out” and nothing happens!

So to fully access the power of intention, you must explore, understand and master your emotions. In my book Enchanted One: The Portal To Love I help readers to understand and embrace their emotions. Embracing and mastering your emotions, including your fear, anger and jealousy, allows you to bring your mind and heart into alignment. The power of the harmonic union of mind and emotion is so strong that once you have done this you will begin to see your dreams and desires becoming reality in no time at all!

BODY ~ The body is the vessel in which you experience this life. It is the physical space in which you bring your intentions into fruition! Once your mind and your heart are working together, the universe will respond by presenting you with opportunities and ways to bring your intentions into reality.

When these opportunities are presented to you.. say YES!

Fill yourself with Gratitude and SMILE!

If you notice you are not taking action when you are given a chance then it’s time to circle back to the smile phase, and spend some time exploring your emotions. What are you afraid of? Interestingly we are sometimes more afraid of getting what we want than we are afraid of struggling. We are used to the struggle!

Reading both The Art of Living with Intent by Dr. Rob Kiltz and Enchanted One: The Portal To Love will support you in bringing the Mind and Emotion together and empowering you to create the year of your dreams in 2013!

Let’s Get Started with Step One ~ What are Your Intentions for 2013?


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As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author & teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion & integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her new book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment.

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