Habit of Love – Dr. Rob Kiltz

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Hello and good morning, Dr. Rob. Another awesome and amazing day in the universe. Every day, an awesome day with love and forgiveness. The storms they be, and they’re within all of us you see. There’s the pushing and shoving of life it be; patience and calm. Yes, feel the fear as Faith Evolving And Restoring every day. Be patient and the more you step into that uncomfortable place, the more comfortable you be. It becomes easy you see. Every day love and forgiveness. That’s all it takes is to love. Don’t be afraid—oh no, BE afraid! Be afraid, but be of faith.

The thoughts are all we be; and yes, there’s pushing and shoving and we react quite often, that’s our nature—we’re little instinctual beings. Now step back and love. Love with all the intense power of God’s goodness every day. Each day awaken with a smile and love. Love where you’re going and what you’re doing. Yes, the challenges are there for each and every one of us; love them, every one of them and live with joy. Each of us is here to intertwine and to be a piece of the puzzle. Whether we’re here today, gone tomorrow, and back the next day; it’s all the energy flowing every single day. Love and forgiveness. This is a new day and a new way, every day. Love. You are perfect, it is perfect, and life is perfect. Love. All we need to do is love in life and forgive, and enjoy as it is right now.

The storms of life, the forest fires; it’s like tilling the garden as it’s all the movement of the universe. Be loving and kind. See the blessings of the universe every day in love. Remember you and I are here for this awesome and amazing journey. Give love, and love will come with joy, and joy will be. Simply say Thank you God for this day. This is how I play, every day.

Persistence and practice and praying does the rest; it’s simply your habit. The habit is love. Yes, we react often. The energy flows with such amazing power; and it’s all love and love is reflected. I love you, this and every day. Blessings to all on this amazing journey of the universe.

Dr. Rob

Enjoy the Day!