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A Thank You Gift for all Mind Body Smile Readers and Staff!

I have been posting articles to Mind Body Smile ever since the blog first began. Now it is payback time. I am so grateful to all who created this blog to send the message to the world that everyone has the right to be at peace and enjoy your life each and every day!

This blog is the concept of Dr. Rob (Robert Kiltz) “thank you Dr. Rob”; these are four words he hears often! Thank you for all of the time you spend creating videos that inspire and uplift us, not to mention the many things you do each and every day! Also, thanks to Chris Briel for all she brings to the blog with her dedication. A special thanks needs to go out to all who write for this blog and last but very much not least I want to thank all of YOU, the readers. You are the very reason the blog exists!

I mentioned it was payback time and that is what I am going to do now! I am offering anyone who reads this blog (even if you only stopped by just today) or any of the staff at Mind Body Smile a FREE Soul Coaching® Oracle card half hour reading. This will be done by phone or Skype. The only restrictions are you need to be over 21 years old and the offer is limited to only 60 days! This means you need to have your session booked by June 16th, 2012.

You might be wondering what a Soul Coaching® Oracle Card reading is.  Below is a brief overview and after reading this if you still have questions feel free to contact me, Judith Geiger at

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card reading:

The soul coaching® oracle cards are a beautifully illustrated deck of cards, similar in size to a deck of playing cards. They were designed by Denise Linn and created at Hay House. They each have a single word and a bright colored picture to help you access your right brain for your own intuitive knowing.

In an oracle card reading we would first get really clear about what you want from the reading. We would do this by choosing the card spread that is best suited to your needs. Then we would take the time to formulate a question that is open ended for maximum insights. No, yes or no questions! Your question could be about anything from career to love life.

Next we would take time to connect with the cards energetically so that each card is divinely guided just for you. I would coach you around each card as it appears in your unique card spread. I also add my intuition where it is appropriate. We can work with various card spreads depending on your desired outcome. I will describe each card for those on the phone and email them pictures of their cards after the session. People often refer to the cards as they are moving forward with what they want to accomplish.

You can see a sample card spread by going to

This is not a psychic card reading or fortune telling. Instead, it is using the amazing soul coaching® oracle cards to assist you to tap deep into your own inner knowing (your soul) and start creating the life you know you were meant to live. No one knows your life as well as you do, let coaching with the cards help you to unlock your potential and assist you with the changes you want to make.

Some of the readings that are available: (many more)

  • Attract Abundance
  • Relationship Spread
  • Make a Decision
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Birthday Spread (what does your year ahead look like?)
  • What’s Next Spread
  • Messages From Your Spirit Guides

It is easy to claim your reading:

Email and put MBS FREE OFFER in the subject line!


Testimonial for Judith’s card readings:

“I recently received a Soul Coaching Oracle Card reading from Coach Judith. It was a five-card spread to reveal messages from my Guides. I wanted to know if I’m on the right path, spiritually & energetically. I wanted to know what my soul longs for at this time in my life. Coach Judith proved to me that she has a gift for touching a sacred place within & sharing meaningful, uplifting insights about someone else’s life. My experience was meaningful, uplifting, life-affirming, and fun. You must try it!!” ~ L.R.

“Judith was very professional and created an atmosphere over the phone that felt like I was right there with her. Currently going through a major transition, the cards revealed insights for my upcoming year giving me hope and inspiration. As a result I have taken action on a few items we discussed and I intend to consult with Judith again as I move through my transition.”  Diane Krebs

Judith Geiger

Master Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner and Life Coach

  • Judith Geiger

    Thanks Kim and Joanne,

    It is working with people like you that make my job a pure pleasure. Keep shining your light out into the world and be all that you are meant to be. Don’t let anything stop you!

    Blessings, Judith

  • Joanne

    I have worked with Judith both professional and personally and she is by far the best life coach/ soul reader that I have worked with.

    Judith as always your reading and insight was direct and loving.

    It was an Honor to work with you and a Blessing to know you.


  • Kim

    Thank you for the reading Judith, it was very enjoyable and insightful!