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This is the time of year that we all find chaos gathering under our feet that threatens to take away our balance.  It seems that sometimes, no matter which way we turn, we find blocks to that which we desire, and we don’t understand why. Obviously, I am not speaking of our material existence, but rather to more fundamental life issues.

Recently I went to a “You Can Do It” workshop in Florida where I found some wonderful insight into this age-long problem.  Marianne Williamson, a Hay House best-selling author, had an inspirational message which I would like to share with you so you can find solitude and happiness and leave the chaos behind.

This message may initially be really tough to completely understand, but I am sure that once you have meditated on it, practiced and pushed your ego aside, you will fully welcome the concept and find life changes. Here is Marianne’s inspired message:


Please let me explain as best I can what this means for us.  If we can relate to ourselves less as physical bodies (EGOs) and turn to our internal voice (the voice of “I”, or our soul), it will help to see this.  As an example, let’s say someone in your life seems to be turning their back on you; there is more and more emotional distance.  All you want is for them to hear you, understand your view, and give you the support that you so desperately need.  But all that is happening is resistance to your suggestions and the withholding of love that you really want.

Well, why would this be?  There are all kinds of scenarios that could be discussed, but probably if you examined your situation closely you would find that you are both coming from a different space or level of emotional understanding.  The words you are saying are not being heard. Perhaps you are even beginning to go to a negative internal environment where you are blocking the Light and going to the shadows of self -absorption and self-pity.  Perhaps you are becoming adversaries now, when all you wanted was closeness and love.

It is essential that you go to your “heart” to communicate.  You must speak from this space in order to be heard, moving away from the ego.  The ego is selfish and self serving; it always wants to win. It is centered in materialism and satisfying the flesh, not the spirit. You need to examine your motives to know what is speaking inside you. Opening the “I” space resonates with clarity. If your communication is begun from your “truth” it will be understood.  If it is not accepted, then your problem is not what you thought it was.

There is advice that is ancient and full of wisdom:  do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Simply, if you want love and understanding from someone, then you must love and understand them as well.  Also, if you resist what someone replies because that is not the solution you want to hear, then you must examine why, for it will persist until the underlying problem is discovered.

If you can avoid contaminating a relationship with negativity by rising above it, you will feel the Light come into your heart and your trouble will actually lighten your body as well.  It takes time for problems to gather and it takes time for them to be solved.  You need to recognize when you are part of the problem.  If you take action and give what you need in your life to the other person and nothing changes, then acknowledge that you need more help and time for the problem to work out.  It is perfectly natural and wise to ask God to take away your problem.  We were created to live in happiness.  Believe that.  Ask to be shown if you are doing all that you need to do; sometimes we are blind to our shadows.  Remember, every problem comes with its own solution. Keep the “heart” space open so your love flows out and you don’t inadvertently hurt others.

Recognize what is most important in your life, and remain in your purpose.  Bless all those around you, especially your tormentors.

~by Jill Little

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