Spirit directed decisions

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A spirit lives within each one of us. This spirit is the watcher of our lives. Full of Light, this spirit guides us from within as we write and create the book of our lives.  The degree of attention that we give our spirit and the power that we allow our spirit to have, has a huge impact on us and those in our world. This concept is not new. We have known this since the first time we had an internal conversation with ‘our self.’ My mother called it our conscience; Eckhart Tolle simply calls it ‘self.’  Over the years I have come to realize that it doesn’t need a name, but I call it our ‘spirit observer’.

This spirit observer aids us in making decisions.  Life’s decisions sometimes are tough to make, and we listen to our spirit plead the case for ‘doing the right thing’.  And, yes, we usually know what the right thing is.  It is when we choose the decision whose consequence is loving, truthful, and respectful of God’s creations. Of course,we can ignore the ‘right thing’ and choose to do otherwise.  We may choose the easier, less moral, more me-serving decision on our life’s path.  The choice always is ours to make.  The credit or blame that results from our decisions can be seen in the outcomes.  We all know it is hard to own up to this concept sometimes.

Our decisions ultimately play a major role in the formation of character, our integrity and our value system.  To acknowledge that may help us make a more conscious effort to weigh carefully the possible outcomes of our choices; to consciously commit to serve others more lovingly; and to follow your spirit and lift up the world.

Jill Little
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