Children need our love now more than ever

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Sharing the Medicine of Love is really a call to action for all those who seek to end the chaos and negativity in this world.  It is particularly important to prioritize relationships with our children, since they are the seeds of our humanity.

Our main mission in life is to help our children find their intended path.  This is not easy.  It requires that we help them find, nurture and value their God given gifts as if they were emeralds.  We need to treat them with respect so they will learn to respect themselves.  We need to allow them to be responsible within the limits of their abilities.  Being responsible and using their talents is how children gain genuine self esteem.  Adults have to temper their tendency to over-criticize and over-praise children.  It is a constant balancing act that is only controlled by close observation and a loving heart.

If we are living examples for our children, we need to behave with integrity and mutual respect; we must practice what we preach.  This is how to model behavior and nurture a valuing relationship with our children.  We establish mutual expectations and worth for one another.

Love and value our children.  They are God’s hope for us.

“Sharing the Medicine of Love”
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