Sharing the Medicine of Love

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Val Cook and Jill Little have coauthored Sharing the Medicine of Love, which presents original ceremonies and daily practices of expressing love to children, family and friends. Based on Native American ritual, the ceremonies begin with ‘Moontime’ for pubescent girls, to others that give solace to the grieving; the ceremonies are limitless and can be embraced into any family tradition. Val and Jill also ask readers to encourage positive dialogue with children, family and friends and to use their positive power to change our planet from the negativity and chaos to one of personal light and internal peace.

Val Cook and Jill Little’s message resonates with readers because their book:

  • Offers family and friends a way to celebrate life and comfort the grieving through simple, grounded celebrations that have indigenous roots.
  • Gives tools for ridding our egoist focus and adapting new habits for embracing the people in our every day lives.
  • To give those who have forgotten, a method to bond with our children in an authentic way, including parents, grandparents, family, teachers and friends.

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