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and the book, The Shack by William P. Young? Do you believe in miracles and that God really has the ability to speak to your heart? Join me for an invitation to indulge in one of the most riveting stories – that places the reader on the edge of their seat with compelling page turning descriptions and character narratives that speak volumes to the penmanship of this author. Forgiveness and faith walk hand in hand, as the primary character, Mack encounters God, while suffering immensely from of the loss of his child, Missy, as well as, demons that plague him from former childhood occurrences. This read makes a person believe anything in life is possible with faith and it must be good, because this is the first male author on my Laura’s List: Books for Women!” Share your personal story of God speaking to your heart! In my life, God guides me step by step, when I take the time to truly listen. -Laura Ponticello

http://theshackbook.com/missy-project.html – People who have been touched so deep, by this read, that they are spreading the word.

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  • http://mindbodysmile.com terry

    can you add me to your newsletter?

  • Penny

    What was the out come of the trial for Missy’s killer? And ultimately for Mack?

  • Jenn

    I will preface this by saying I’m not Christian or any form of monotheistic faith. I am Wiccan because of my story. I was raised bible baptist and it was a pounding near sadistic indoctrination of my young mind. I spent six of the seven days each week from sun up to sun down in the church. Then a divorce at nine found my mother my brother and I turned out like lepers. Three years and much abuse later I returned confused and broken to live with my father. I was swimming , alone at home one afternoon, contemplating religion and its egsistance given my experience. I asked out loud if any of the lessons drilled and beaten into me were real. I slipped under the water and when I came up for air at the edge of the pool stood Jesus or rather what I came to know as the Devine. In what seemed like an eternity staring into his light and with out words I came to understand so much. The first thing was that never again would I worship in any building or under anyone else’s direction. The second was that at the tender age of twelve I was to trust that when the time came the Devine would come to me as long as I always remembered that day and what we had shared. I was told then, and will never waver on this, that ALL paths to the devin are right. I fear this book, though those words are all but explicatly written, will only be used to hold that the monotheistic Christian faiths are the true path.

  • tanya

    I have finished The Shack. Tears welled up and fell as I was reminded how small I am in my faith. How bad we have become as humans. I wish that we could all experience God in this intensity.

  • Rose

    wow it is amazing how many lives this book has touched l see here and wonder how many more people have read it …..thru the book l laughed, cried from sorrow and joy and experienced so many emotions and have learned so much it took me 2 days to read the book and had l not things to do l would of and could of read in one day ….my friend brought this book to me and said she had not read it yet but wanted me to so l did and now l keep reinforcing her to read it as we all need this book…to be honest l have bought 4 more of them at the used book store and l pass them out to who ever wants to read …l was thinking of putting a note in each book and have people just write even their first name and a date would be interesting to see how many people it has touched…..thank you both Mack and Wm. Paul Young for this book if not for both of you and God’s love and sharing none of this would be possible……..

  • Liana

    I have finished this book on the most Southern point of Africa. English is not my mother tongue. I have also read the Pilgrim’s Progress a couple of years back. Both were excellent books. I lived with Mack through many scenes and I realized that I need to focus on relationships, much more in my life. I need to re read the book again. especially from chapter 8 on-wards.
    Think it is magnificent that God still talk to us, loud and clear.
    I also think I need to caution. This is what God had to tell one man in his situation. All of us need to listen still, and hear what God wants from each of us.
    Still I would ask all my friends to read it, to widen their horisons.
    We can do with more books like this one. We can learn so much from one another.

  • John

    I read your comment “we are all god” and wondered what you mean. I notice the lower case “g” for God. Do you mean we are “lower case gods”? Please explain.

  • Kirsten

    The Shack is a great book. I was told I needed to read this book to have a greater understanding of God, his love for me, and the “relationship” I should have with him. I am honestly captivated by what I have read. I makes a lot of sense although I still have so many questions…..Through the relationship with God I hope to achieve I will have the answers revealed to those questions.

  • Debra King

    I enjoyed the book “The Shack”. The relationship theme is right on target. The love and personality of our Father is handled in a wonderful way.
    What I don’t like is the way “Papa” was represented. He is not a woman and that may offend some. I also did not really think the Holy Spirit was on target. He is not a fairyland creature. That was how it felt to me.
    Thank you for the book. It was fun to read.

  • Brad

    After reading this book, how could anyone doubt the presence of a GOD?

  • Susan

    I love The Shack, I have never been more touched . My friend told me about the book and I am glad I made the choice to read it. From the time I started reading it until the last page, I felt I was there and felt his pain and his love and could not stop reading until it was done.

  • Pinkie

    Wow! What a great read, I have enjoyed every page and want to share it with everyone…God is good

  • Aquilla Zenisek

    This book changed my life. A wonderful friend sent me The Shack almost immediately after I was incarcerated for seven years. During the first few months my life was just as if I were living in a deep dark pit. I read The Shack and realized many things that was wrong in my thinking,
    about other people and how GOD really does hear me. Since me first reading I have read it 6 more times and each time I read The Shack I gain new insights on myself and my relationship with GOD. My walk and journey with Him are now a completely open and honest (on my part) expression of love, faith and devotion. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity in reading this book. My life is now so much better. I now firmly believe I am not alone in this world and that GOD is real.

  • Mel

    I read the Shack and loved the book. I felt a special connection, a new excitement, a better understanding of who my Father and my God is. But I still was left with questions…indeed some things do go hand in hand with what God tells us in His words but some things completely go the opposite way. Like “the killer is also a child of God” (paraphrased)…uh?! Isn’t it only through Jesus that we become children of God, His word tells us….Please Lord, help us see Your truth and only Yours!

  • Eileen Adamson

    I have just read [THE SHACK} for the fourth time.I cry buckets every time i read it.It is by far the best book i have ever read.If you didnt believe in god before you read it you most certainly will by the time you finish it. I hope someone will think to make a film of it.I seem to be finding a bit more every time i read the story.

  • Liz

    A friend recommended this book and I could not put it down. It is an inspiration and it gave me a real sense of peace. I don’t consider myself a very religious person and no longer participate or practice any specific religion, however, that does not mean that I am not a spiritual person by nature. This book gives me hope that others may read it and find peace in their lives. It is emotional and upifting and brings everything I hope to be true to life.

  • Angela

    This was an awesome and outstanding book!! Words cannot describe how I feel about this book. It was lifechanging, although I did not pick up this book with the thought of changing or growing. I have done both through this book. Thank you Mr. Young for writing this book!

  • Ken

    The Shack is not just a story but an incredable journey of love, literally divine. At last someone writes of a God of love. A God who knows each of intimately, our strengths and our weeknesses. A God who is withus on every step of our journey through life. A God who wants us to share our life with him, not as a judge but as a loving companion. Helping and guiding us whith direct access to our hearts. This book brought me to tears, laughter and joy. A book well worth reading again and again.

  • Oj

    OMG, what an experience it has changed me for the better, I can’t wait to give this experience to my friends and family and hopefully they will pass the it on because this is so infectious that if what is said is true and you have the faith to believe can you imagine what a great change this would have in the world, it’s limitless. Thank you Papa for calling William home so he could share his experience with us, so we would be able to understand questions that we have asked ourselves see a glimps of glory. The power of love is I can’t even think of the right verb it’s so intense in my heart that I’m bursting with joy. Thank you so much for Papa for touching my life like this and now when I need it the most. Thank you for always being there and I truly know that you will always be there no matter what.

  • laura

    Just had my first book club meeting, I chose the book ,The Shack. The women all thought differently of the book, and left after much discussion that they liked it more! I am really glad
    that, I got to read it and shared it with my dear friends. Aloha

  • Margaret

    Wow! Thats all I could say throughout this book and I think I felt like crying more reading this book than i have in my entire life. This book has opened my eyes, as i have had the same questions about my love ones as Mack has had. If you have never read a book in your life you have got to read this “The Shack”. There are questions in this book that we have all ask God once in our lives and not many of us would get an answer from him…that we could hear anyways. I got the book from the local libray, but i went on Amazon and purchase 3 more to send to a friend, family and so that i can read it again. 🙂

  • ida orr

    just finished The shack, yesterday, and have been quite overwhelmed with the messsages that seem to come to ne, as well as others, obviously.thanks to the author those involved in writing and publishing…I am a long time spiritual seeker and notes in this book resonate within me deeply, I will read it again, and recommend it to others.Wow.. I really hope the connection I feel with Abba (Papa) stays with me and i learn how to keep open to this connection. Many thanks,

  • Camille Bender

    I am a born again believer and a worship leader in my church. Two of my close friends have been raving about this book since last fall, laughing and sharing inside jokes. I never thought much of it. I am one of those readers who can usually predict the end of a story by the third chapter. On March 13th of this year my husband I lost our little Rebecca (3 years old) in an awful drowning accident. Not long after I was approachd by so many friends and loved ones to read this book. One week before Rebeccas 4th birthday a friend gave me the book as a gift. It took me all of two days to devour it. I promise you reading this book is like having an out of body experience. Thank you Mack for asking Papa all the questions I wanted to. I can’t say that “The great sadness” is completly gone, but I know in time it will be lifted. Most importantly I look forward to speaking to Papa everyday.

  • Mary Kelly

    Have just finished reading the Shack and am still in a state of wonder! Its a long time since a book has touched me as this one did – I felt Mack’s fear, anger, joy, disbelief and finally, peace. Many years ago I had my own ‘Great Sadness’ and although I believed in God and was a practising Christian I felt so remote from him. Well-meaning friends told me he was right there beside me, gave me copies of ‘Footsteps’ but nothing reached me. It took a long, long time and a lot of prayer but I eventually learned to trust and love Him again – I had allowed my fears, emotions and imagination to take over and rule my life! I am certain this book will help many people – I wonder Who inspired the author to write it!

  • Diane

    I just finished the book. I think that my view of God was similar to Mack’s. I know that God loves me and cares about me – but I have never allowed that to be a real relationship. Before reading the Shack – I would have thought calling God, Papa would be to familiar, maybe even disrespectful. I have changed so much. My faith has grown. Bible verses that I have read for years now jumped off the page at me because they have a fresh new meaning. My excitement for the Lord has been renewed just as when I first found salvation. I will recommend to every one I know.

  • Marcia

    Thanks to “The Shack” whenever I am faced with a difficult person whom I want to dislike, I rethink because I am now compelled to think that this person is a child of God just like me! What a difference that has been making in my life. I just read the book a couple days ago and I am truly grateful. I really recommend this book to everyone.

  • dr rob

    we are all god 🙂

  • Lydia

    I have just finished reading the Shack. Wow what a journey. I want to read it again and again and want to share it with as many people as I can. It is helping me understand issues that are currently in my life. The book has humanised my relationship with the Trinity. I am beginning to feel the omni presence of Papa who in the past I have seen as being removed from me.

  • Luma Alatrash

    I just love this great and inspirational book.
    We all have our own “Great Sadness” inside n we try to deal with it in our own human ways without realising that we don’t have to carry it alone!
    we have Papa,jesus n the holly spirit to share our healing journey…..
    This book changed my perception of God, life and even myself!….. thank you William Young…..

  • Pamela

    As I was reading this book, I felt an uplifting like no other in my life! My heart was open and singing for Jesus. At times I felt weightless engulfed in the Holy Spirit! One day, after reading a few chapters, tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, I began to laugh non stop from deep within my soul as if I were releasing emotions that had been bottled up for ages. I couldn’t stop laughing. A rush of joy was pouring out like water over the falls. Afterwards, the whole day seemed to flow so effortlessly. “Papa” gave me a gift that afternoon, one I won’t soon forget. What a truly inspirational book. I recommend The Shack to everyone! Thank you William Young for sharing such a beautiful story. I’ll be waiting with much anticipation for the movie! Here’s an idea…..every single dollar made off this film be given to the less fortunate people of this world, that not one actor, director, producer, etc…accept any money what so ever from the making of this film, every dime to be given to charity. Whew!! what a way to glorify God….I can see Papa smiling now…can you?

  • Ev Thompson

    I am happy to find there are those who have shared simaler experiences . This book may seem like fiction for some, however I have had the the oppertunity to see both my mother and my grandmother the same way discribed in this book. As much as I wanted to pass through the barrior at the time I couldnt. It was not my time and I learned they are both very happy where they are and both let me now with out saying a word, it was alright to move on with my life The experience was wonderious. I have no dought that god is with me every day and every minute and he shows me his gifts and miracles all the time. I hope everyone will listen closer and trust that he will bring you int the light if you let him. He is with us all, always.

  • marisela montelongo

    I just want to encourage people to read this book!!! it is the BEST book i’ve ever read in my entire life. It not only gave me a different and unselfish view on my father (papa) but it has renewed my FAITH!!! I believe that this book will touch others in many different way’s. I will never again blame GOD or question his authority over me. I will have faith that he knows whats best for me in my life. I have never cried so much out of guilt and joy over a book ,but this truely was an “eye opener” and a GREAT book! I cant wait for it to hit the BIG SCREENS i can go on about how touching and intiment this book is to me! i feel like my relationship with GOD has grown stronger, and i strongly believe that it will touch many ohter lives! I feel like re-reading it! It was a great journey of…laughter,tears,suspense, and last but not least LOVE! this book has tought me to love not only me but EVERYBODY…. know them or not! I HAVE ALWAYS STRUGGLED WITH FORGIVING THOSE WHO HAVE HURT ME IN THE PAST BUT I WILL KEEP IN MIND THAT IT WASNT EASY FOR JESUS either…

  • Vicky Murphy

    I just finished reading The Shack. Incredible!!! I think this may just be the best book I’ve ever read. The forgiveness of the man that murdered Missy truly penetrated my heart like nothing before. My son was molested at the age of eight and my biggest trial since becoming a christian has been to forgive the man responsible. I felt if I forgave him, I was betraying my son, somehow. I know now that this is not just something I need to do, but something I want to do now. What a revelation! Thank you for such a powerful, well written story. I never felt like I was reading fiction. This is truly God’s work!

  • Babs

    I have just started reading The Shack. Halfway through and I have laughed and cried and squirmed. I feel I know Mack personally.

    My Dad had alzheimers and I now know that the burden I carried was my own “shack” the dark place where nobody can help me.

    2 years on from his death, I get this book at Christmas and it has opened my eyes. For me there is no doubt – the story is not one of fiction – it is true – I have been a christian for the past 34 years, attending Church on a Sunday and my relationship with God was Love/Hate. Now, I know him as Papa and realise that when the chips were down he was always there beside me.

    A great book and worth every penny.

  • Traci

    This book was so compelling and thought provoking, especialy since I have been facing some pretty difficult things in the last couple of years. It has been heart-wrenching. Reading of Mack’s journey helped me think of the past events in a different perspective. Knowing Papa’s unconditional love is really awesome and powerful. I know it has changed the way I think about others and how forgiveness really works.

  • dr rob

    Just finished the Shack, a great journey and inspiration of redemption of life for all. The thoughts of the mind are the things of the universe and direct our lives. The energy of the universe, “Papa” to some, has amazing power to heal and guide us to a better existence. This energy flows through all of us and is the flower waiting to blossom for the many hurting in this universe. The recognition to me that everything that comes to us is a gift from “Papa”. This wonderful gift guides us in our lives to learn and grow in spiritual ways to be kind and generous to all in the universe. The act of forgiveness to all is the path of this most beautiful life, the gift that Papa has given us. Thank you William Young for this story of life and love. Dr Rob

  • Andi

    It is a wounderful book. “The Shack” takes you on a journey that is so real by the time you are done reading you wonder if it really is a true story.
    You will be thinking about the book and it’s people for days after.
    You will want to know “Papa” better your self…

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