Numbers: repeating patterns of meaning

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Glancing at the clock may cause us to look again sometimes, especially when we notice that we’ve caught it at the same time over and over again. Maybe we see the same number pattern echoed everywhere we look—whether on license plates or appliances—over a period of hours or even days. When we accept that there are no coincidences, we know there is a message in the numbers for us, and we know to pay attention to the repeating patterns and search for their true meaning.

Numerology has its basis in the ancient world and tells us that each number carries its own vibration and symbolic significance. It can mark the stages of our soul’s evolution as we move from one frequency to the next. Repeating number patterns in our lives may call us to focus on certain aspects of our lives and rise to approach them from the best within us. Once we’ve recognized that there is something we must look more deeply into, we also must trust that we will be guided to the people and places that hold the right answers for us.

Numbers, as symbols, can carry personal meanings as well. We may have our own lucky number that has served us well throughout our lives and another that reminds us of certain events of significance. If these are the numbers that are appearing, it may be the right time to delve into the past for clues about how to handle a present situation. Many people are seeing 11:11 right now, which can be interpreted as an energetic gateway that has opened for you and is ready to manifest your thoughts into reality. Whatever explanations you receive about the numbers that are appearing everywhere you look, the important thing is to trust your own guidance as to what they are telling you. Each culture attaches different meaning to the numbers, so a Chinese interpretation may be different than an interpretation from Kabalah. It is up to us to use our intuition to see which is the best fit for us. If someone has an explanation that doesn’t feel right, then this is not the answer for you but may be just a clue to keep you moving on the path. By paying attention to the numbers around us, we use them as tools to improve our connection to the universe and our awareness of our choices in life.


  • Tammy

    For the past month and a bit, i have been getting repeating numbers on my bedside digital clock and cellular phone, at first i put it down to coincidence, but after it starting happening at least 3 times daily (mainly 11:11) i started to think that perhaps there is more to it. Everyday i see 11:11 whether it morning or evening. last night i woke up and looked at the clock and it was 14:14, now what are the chances, normally i would think it to be normal, but after this whole noticing repeating numbers, to see another double digit being repeated seemed really bizarre at the time, not to mention i had a crazy dream following that, which in my dream related to the spirit world, cant recall the message, but it had to do with 200 hours of refletion..weird huh!

  • Amber

    I have a similar experience as you Kit,
    To start out i wanna say im not claiming to be spiritual or anything although i do believe in a higher power…

    but the numbers 9 and 184 have been a huge part of my life. Every significant event seems to have a 9 in the date. I was born on 9-9-90. My parents were married may 9th, I ranked 9th in my highschool class for GPA, significant people in my life have birth dates with several 9’s in them, etc , I even tried to test it the other day and i went onto a web site that just gives you a random number when you hit a button and it gave me 99, life changing events happen on the 9th or 19th or 29th,
    as for 184 i just see it every where i go mainly if im assigned a number or see license plates or balances and costs.

    More recently i have been noticing that every time i look at the clock it is a repeating number, it started out as an every now and then thing when i was young. I used to see 9:11 alot, it stopped for a while and started again recently with 9:09, but now has gotten to the point its every time i look at the clock its 1:11, 3:33 etc, or sometimes i get 2:20, or like 3:03 type numbers never really the same #’s with the exception of 9:09.

    I have been on the angel numbers site and that gave me comfort and ease of mind but it just keeps getting more crazy.

    I want to know if any of the people on here have had any dreams about the #’s, i had one about some type of event called “the meeting of the 9’s” and it was so realistic and involved ufos and they called upon everyone who felt like they had a connection to a specific number and we were grouped that way, which i feel insane for even talking about,

    also when i was younger i used to have dreams about what would happen the next day, i used to see test questions before i took them, i predicted death of pets and family, and the gender of unborn babies, to the point it would freak my parents out. those dreams stopped but i recently had one pertaining to my job that was dead on.

    it would be interesting to know if we have all had similar experiences, nice to know its happening to other people aswell.

  • Kit Fross

    I would say for the past year I have had repeating numbers present themselves in my life, and also have lived with the number 12 directly intertwined in my life since birth. I will randomly check the time on my phone or glance at the time on an oven or microwave and atleast 95 percent of the time its 2:22 or 3:33 and so on I have even told people of this curious phenomena and when i asked what the time was they are astonished to see the repeating number pattern. I like to believe that I see the number pattern when I am currently doing something in life which is good or the direction in which I am heading follow the numbers and you approach that much closer to your destiny.

  • Kristie Bennie

    I am now 40 yrs old and for the past at least 15 yrs I have had the numbers 757 appear everywhere I look. It is on the clock, it on license plates, the last three of a customers credit card number, it was even tattooed on the side of one of “my” customers neck. I thought that is was just coincidental, but here lately it has been occuring more that ususal. I would really like help to find out if or what these numbers mean to me.

  • Fernando Santamaria

    The magical repeating numbers are all around me!!! Every where I go the repeating numbers are there. I see then mostly in digital clocks but in this century the digital clocks is everywhere.I see them in the truck’s milage. Numbers like 999999, 100555, 111111etc… in the digital clock I see all the triple digits 1:11am, 1:11pm,11:11am,11:11pm, 5:55am, 5:55pm, 2:22,3:33, 4:44 etc. SOMETIMES BOTH IN THE AM AND PM IN THE SAME DAY. My few times I got the recieved with the change $6 66cents. some times the total is $14 44cents… I have a GPS system in my truck with a satellite digtial clock:; well when you turn the truck off it locks the time and when you turn it on it displays the last time while it takes about 1 minute to reset to the current time… so I turned on the truck and the locked time was 2:22pm and after the clock reset to the current time it was3:33pm NOW THAT IS MAGICAL!!

  • Nicole

    In response to the individual fealing fearful on continued repeating numbers due to many recent tragedies:
    The first jolt I got from reading your comments were that you ‘denied’ being psychic , superstitious, etc. I also sense much resistance to these ‘gifts’ of repeating numbers that you keep receiving. I can’t help but wonder if you let go of your resistance and denial, and accepted these repeating numbers as the gift they are, you might have a very different experience. I have come to learn that what I resist or deny, continues to show up in my life until I receive the gift of the lesson. What we resist persists. Things are not done to us, they are done FOR us.
    I hope this offers you some peace of mind. We are all One sharing the same energy, space and breath. I chose love over fear…..and when I don’t, I continue to get more fear in my life until I choose otherwise. All is well and we are exactly where we are supposed to be at any given moment. Peace,

  • Mary

    A few years ago maybe 3 1/2 to 4 yrs or so I started waking up in the middle of the night… sitting straight up in bed and looking at the clock… always, always, always, always repeating numbers.. never really any specifc numbers (222,333,444,111, 555). Also, I would get in my car, turn the ignition key and guess what repeating numbers. I would go to the 711 store repeating numbers, or grocery store (but almost always in sets of three not four numbers), at the sports bar same thing. (666, 777, 888, 999) these would appear as my amount owed. This happened daily (several times a day) for several weeks. A short time before (I was a server) a guest left me a tip of 777 (which didn’t round up to an even dollar or an even percent) and I remember they made some strange coment to me (I can’t remember it now, I joked about it to my friends as we tried to figure out how he came up with that tip amount). I tried not to put to much meaning into it I’ve never been supersticious or followed astrology or anything. Never had lucky numbers or things. I have had very close connections with people… I would know that I would see them, same night mare at same time as my daughter… but I didn’t think on these things, try to figure them out, tak about them, or brag about them, I don’t think I’m psycic, I just think maybe the world is more connected than we can understand… I am just to down to earth to let these things take up my mental energy… they just happen and what ever. NOW, the reason I am wrighting this is that I am kind of afraid now… right after (or during) the repetive numbers, I began getting extremely bad migrains.. extremely blurred vision, my doctors feared a brain tumor.. CT scan found “hypo-density” (whatever that means) but MRI says nothing to worry about (never any explaination). THEN THE WORST (a month or two later); I was mortified with my daughters being unspeakably victimized, then my mother came to me with stage 4 breast cancer (another month or two later), and lots and lots of other things happened all at the same time which most people would find very tramatic but nothing in comparison to my loved ones hurting. Ever since (past 4 yrs or so), my life has been so difficult… every single day life kicks me in the teeth… I work very hard and try so hard to stay so possitive for my girls.. but every single day more bad news… I am so used to misfortune now I joke about it that God has the highest place set aside for me in heaven or the lowest place in hell. But these are all things that a strong person like myself can get though and learn from and help others with my experiences. I just can’t take something bad happening to my loved ones again… (that almost killed me). ….the reason I am worried is because I suddenly woke up this morning at 444 with an over whelming fealing of fear and dread. I am so worried today that I thought I would reach out to see if anyone else has had experiences like mine and share a little support. And in case it matters… I have always been a very heavy sleeper… parties in the room with me will not wake me… another reason why then and now it is so strange to wake up and look at the clock to see repeating numbers.

  • Katina Soares

    I need your help with understanding a number pattern that has been in and out of my life for a few years now. The pattern is always the same, and so apparent everywhere…that even people close to me want to know what it means. My pattern is with 3 numbers and the first and the last are the same. Here are some Ex: the clock will read 2:32, my flight 747, my seat on the boat trip 444, we stayed at hotel number 636, my salad was $5.75 , coffee was 4:14, and I live in apartment #707. What I sometimes do every second is the clock. Please, help with what is the meaning of this sequence. Thanks

  • Ute Medley

    Actually, thought processes are governing the Universe. The spheres of matter and psyche (mind) have a tangible connection through numbers. The Universe is ordered in a systematic fashion based on numbers with their inherent metaphysical attributes, chemical elements, and patterns.
    For a demonstration of a numerological pattern in number Pi, clusters of numbers, especially number 7, up-to-date explanation of the metaphysical attributes of numbers in context with current scientific facts, and the demonstration of living successful authentic lives see my book “Invisible Cloak – Know Thyself” (