Our positive intentions today

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Good morning to all and here are a few thoughts on the power of our positive intentions today.

Creating daily positive intentions is a powerful tool and we carry them with us at all times. Drawing this energy in is as simple as closing your eyes and accepting the positive power of visualization. It takes the intent to make it happen. Intentions help us create and visualize a better day and universe. It is as simple as tapping into your own mind, and sending out and receiving positive light. The mind and energy of the universe is in constant contact. It flows beyond most people’s current imagination. The power of the mind and positive thought is beyond most of our learned understanding of the universe.

Intention is the light and idea we must all see when shifting our beliefs to the possibilities of all positive outcomes in our daily lives. This shift is more powerful than imagined and must be practiced daily to see growth. You cannot stop the things in the universe that happen all around us. By shifting our thoughts from either good or bad, we allow the possibilities of growth and learning from each and every event.

Allow your mind to see the positive intent of the energy of the universe. Allow the positive intent to flow through your body, not just the mind. Feel and see it bathing us and giving us the love and beauty that is infinitely available. Now is the time to think differently and attract the positive power of the cosmos and the mind. Energy is a positive entity and it can be utilized to bring into your life those things and people which also tap into this positive energy of the life force all around us. We are all one in this universe, and this is the natural energy that is flowing throughout the cosmos. By visualizing and creating the intent, the law of attraction comes full force to us and allows us to see the beauty of all things and beings in this universe. The secret, no longer, is to positively visualize and it will materialize.

Now close your eyes and positively visualize the powerful light and life that is within each and every one of us. It is shared between and within each of us at all times and everywhere in this universe. See the power in love and send it throughout your body and the cosmos. See the beauty in all beings, and this is what you will receive. Accept that the being of life is what makes life positive and powerful. Once you accept the power of being and the energy of positive intentions, you will see the life and love that is radiated from all.

Now take this moment and close your eyes. Take a breath and focus on the movement of energy within. Feel the air molecules flow and energize the life and light. The air and light energy of life is the sustenance of all that grows. See the positive power of intent and tap into this consciously. Let go of the negative unconscious intent. Feel it only to acknowledge that it has been there and then let it go! Start with small quantum energy packets of thought and visualization. The power of your mind, feel it and see it each and every day and moment.

You can do and be whatever you dream. Focus on the positives “I can” and “I will” and let go of what you cannot be or do. For the mind visualizes and soon it will materialize. Visualize beauty, love, and kindness. Allow others to feel and acknowledge their thoughts and being. Beam love back especially when they are hurting and provide care, growth and healing power to all. This is what connects your energy stores to the power of attracting the goodness of the life force.

The daily power of positive intention, allow it to be part of your quantum energy flow each and every day. Take a moment each and every day upon awakening and focusing on the positive powers all around. Turn off the negative energy of gossip, negative news or negative people and things in this universe. By placing yourself in the negative energy force, this is what you attract. Give generously and positively to others, the needed life and love, simply through the uplifting thoughts and visualization in your mind. Let go of the negative and soon you will see the positive actions that the universe has to offer each and every day.

No matter what happens in your life remember it is not the daily events, but how you respond to each and every one of them, that create the positive or negative in your life. Allow all things to be part of the nature of the universe, as they are, and see the positive growth come about. With this you will see and feel the freedom of the positive intent and power of the mind. Remember to think it, ink it down, then share it around. This is the power of positive intent, and by speaking about the positive life all around it grows and grows. Share the belief and manifestations of a fantastic life we all have by simply being. Dreams are the creative visualization of the mind and this is what brings beauty to our lives.

More to come each and every day. Focus and tap into your positive intent today. The secret is the positive power of thoughts and your mind, body and smile. As each of us is one with the universal infinite energy of life, the infinite comes to us in many beautiful ways. We are the energy of the universe and this body we currently inhabit is only temporary. Allow the infinite to flow and be the positive power of your intent.

Love to all and have a spectacular positive intention each and every moment

Dr. Rob

  • Dean

    Pam, listen to David. You have to allow that light come back in even if it means that you have to create the smallest accomplishment. Look at yourself in the mirror, square in your own eyes and promise yourself “We will get through this and will be better than ever – I promise you”. See that twinkle of hope, that glimpse of light. Then let it go and it will work on it’s own. Allow life to happen. As hard as it seems up front, give up over thinking. That force that brought you into this world, that carries you through and will some day take you away, is always there waiting for you to let go of the controls. It is what digests your food, grows your fingernails, your hair and every function. Allow it to flourish back into you. Over thinking pushes it out. Your logic is finite and can never figure out the infinite nature of what is. Even if everything is dark, keep even the smallest flame alive as it can ignite a raging flame later that will push you to new heights. The infinite life force is there with infinite know-how. Let it do it’s thing and help make positive decisions for you. It is the light of this world and the thread of everything. Believe. =)

  • David

    Pam, I do not know your situation, but I can tell you from experience, that when I have felt myself in a meltdown mode, it felt all consuming. I have come to realize that for me, the meltdown had more to do with trying to tackle to much at once. I would suggest that you just pick one thing to accomplish, no matter how small and complete it first. It may seem endless, but I assure you that the sense of accomplishment is very uplifting and starts to quickly free up your energies for all the joys in your life. Whatever movement forward you make, no matter how small, is positive.

    You may not believe it today, but everything you need to free yourself from the meltdown you already have. Every step will be easier after the first one. These are simple truths, not flowery words from rainbow world. Remember, one step at a time.


  • Pam

    I feel like I’m in a meltdown mode and I don’t know how to reach out to get myself out of this. Making decisions are toiling and although I will do what I can to move forward…I feel as though my arms are tied to my body and movement is hard.

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